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I'm a socially awkward twenty-something with questionable taste in just about everything. I have a whole bunch of critters, some of which are named after television characters. I'm also a foster dog mom (but on hiatus at this time)! I am a cat lady and I prove it here. I can be political and my reblogs may reflect that. I'm getting back into writing after too long of a break and I may be posting writing-related things to help me stay motivated.

You might see a lot of posts of, for instance, Cheap Trick tagged with copious swear words. Same goes for Michael Keaton and Steve Perry. They're hot and it's my bad.

I operate several other blogs that are fun and interesting to probably few people. You can check them out here.

FYI, I have pet rats, pet tarantulas, and pet snakes, and I am not shy about posting text or image posts of them. If any of those animals frighten you or gross you out, you might reconsider following me. Otherwise, I do try to tag everything appropriately if you need to TumblrSavior some of my posts.



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